The Law Firm of William Babich, LLC

How to Decide Who Will Best Represent You
"When Your Life Will Never Be the Same Again…"

Reputation for Care, Concern, and Competence

  • Select a firm that has a proven track record and is highly respected in the legal community.
  • Choose a firm that knows the effect of devastating injuries and cares about the change in the quality of your life. A serious injury causes physical pain and impairment. It can also lead to emotional stress, depression, permanent disability, disfigurement, the loss of a job or the ability to work at all, financial hardship, a strain on family relationships, loss of the ability to perform simple, everyday tasks, as well as the things that add to the quality of life. Professional legal advice is just as critical as good medical care to put an injured person’s life back together.
  • Pick a firm that other personal injury lawyers call for advice.


  • Choose a Denver Injury law firm that has been "around the block" with the adjusters, physicians, and other experts that may become involved in your case.
  • Select a firm that has served as faculty in training other lawyers, and has been published in the personal injury field.
  • Pick a firm that has been in existence in the same location for nearly three decades.

Avoid “turn ’em and burn ’em” high volume and “general practice” attorneys.

  • Choose a firm that carefully selects who it represents. A firm that must turn over a large number of cases in order to pay for huge advertising expenses may not give you the attention you deserve.
  • Be wary of the attorney who wrote your will or handled your divorce. The jack-of-all- trades is often master of none. Personal injury law is too complicated, too full of landmines, and too evolving to entrust your future to a generalist who may not be on top of the law in this area.

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